I read recently in a book called the 4 Hour body where you recommended Testosterone Emanthante, Is this over Deca and other androsteroids? Are there any other therapies I can use to help get body back to normal T hormone levels (age 48) without drug dependency. I have tried Androgel, Oxandrin, and now I inject myself with deca testosterone. I take ARV, and do exercise regularly but I do have some elevated cholestorol levels (medications), grade I facial wasting.


I did not write that book. Mine is called Testosterone: A Man's Guide.

There are several types of injectable testosterone esters: propionate, enanthate, cypionate, and others. The efficacy is about the same with some differences in how long they stay in your body.

Oxandrin is not a testosterone replacement option. It is an anabolic steroid that actually lowers your own testosterone, so it has to be used with testosterone gels or shots.

There is no product called deca testosterone. There is one called depo testosterone, which is testosterone cypionate (the most commonly prescribed injectable testosterone in the United States). There is also an anabolic called deca durabolin but, like Oxandrin, it is not a testosterone replacement option (it decreases your body own's testosterone levels).

Supplements that are sold over the counter in the US that claim that they increase testosterone actually do not so do. The ones that used to were banned by the FDA. So only testosterone gels, pellets and injections obtained by prescription (or in the black market) can increase testosterone.