Testing Postitive for HEPATITIS C


Good Morning, I got my blood test report yesterday. It show that my HCV Ratio is 25.0 H high s/co ratio have been shown. HCV AB is Reactive. I am trying to get pregnent. The doctor told me that I must get treament for HEPATITIS C first before she starts my treatment from pregency. My question is hoe long does the treament for HEPATITIS C will take me? and what stage or level I am at? Is this the worst or in between level? What are the chances of me getting rid of HEPATITIS C ? I am 34 years of age now. Please responde promtly. Thanks



Unfortunately, I cannot respond to your specific questions with such limited information. I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor to gain a better understanding of your hepatitis C diagnosis, disease stage and therapeutic options. I agree this issue must be resolved prior to your starting a family. By way of background information, I listed two links below that provide basic information about hepatitis C and its diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. You can also access additional information by using the archives' "search" function. Just type in hepatitis C into the "Search The Body.com" box and then click "Go."

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

  1. http://www.thebody.com/cria/hepatitis/hcv.html

  2. http://www.atdn.org/simple/hepc.html