Testing after PEP


Hello Dr. Bob! Here I am again and very grateful for your great contribution to our society. Despite your numerous and great advices, I like the way you write, the way your narrative is, with that touch of humor that sometimes is very necessary, according the usual circumstances. My question to you today is about my PEP. I have followed the 28-day prophylactic treatment without major problems that was finished on December 14th, 2009. When should I get tested again? Both me and my sexual partner (occasional) were tested HIV negative after our condom "accident" but for the sake of it, I decided to go on the PEP. Could you please advise me on this again or direct me to an answer to my query? Thank you so much for whatever response.



The guidelines for post-PEP HIV-antibody testing recommend testing at six weeks, three moths and six months. If both you and the source tested negative, your chance of acquiring the virus is extremely remote. Your occasional partner would have to have been in his window period.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob