Testim1% 5gms or AndroGel 1% 5gms


which works better I am 62 years old and started with Testim 1% 5 gm but my insurance sill only pay for AndroGel 1 % 5 gm. The Testim seemed to be working well but now I have to use the AndroGel. I don't seem to feel the results as well when weight Lifting but I can't tell if that is in my mind or not. Plus I have been reading that neither has any real testosterone in them like a testosterone shot from the doctor would. which is the best way to talk to my doctor to get the results I wan to get?


Testosterone transdermal products (Testim, Androgel, Fortesta,Axiron)do not really work unless you make sure your total testosterone blood levels are over 500 ng/dl on treatment. The key to successful dosing is adjusting it based on week 8 results. Unfortunately, many doctors fail to retest patients to determine if the initial dose is enough. Androgel 1 percent and Testim 1 percent are similar. Testim has a smell, though. Androgel is also available in a 1.62 percent formulation.

Testosterone gels are usually the preferred first line therapy for hygonadism. However, some men switch to weekly injections when gels do not seem to make them feel better even with proper blood level values.

You may want to read this before you decide: Monitoring Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

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