testicular pain after sensual massage


After scouring the Internet and this forum, I'm having difficulties solving my dilemma. I had a happy ending massage from a relatively reliable service. During the massage there was hand to penis contact and breast/nipple to penis contact only. The massage was at night and I slept fine afterwards. However, this morning I began having testicular ache and it has gotten progressively worse all day. Icing seem to help relieve the pain. After going to bed, I was unable to sleep due to an extremely uncomfortable intense ache. My research indicates potential causes are chlamydia, diarrhea, mumps/orchitis, and torsion. None of these seem likely, but something is definitely wrong and it's getting worse. The only other symptom is mild nausea. There was significant "action" during the massage, including hand stimulation to the penis and balls, but nothing new there and I have never, ever had pain this bad in my testes. The only other time I've had anything even remotely similar was after my girlfriend got a hormone IUD and we had sex, after which I had a similar age in sensation in my testes which I dubbed crazy balls. But this time the crazy balls has gone super crazy and I'm in horrible discomfort that doesn't seem to go away. As far as I know I had an MMR vaccine as a kid. The massage practitioner had no visible issues, although I did feel some soft round bumps in her aereolas, but nothing that seemed too out of the ordinary. There was no nipple discharge that I saw, but she did rub her nipple directly on the tip of my penis. Thanks very much.


Hi, there:

The activities you engaged in were extremely low-risk activities. So low that I would feel comfortable saying you were not at risk for any STD that I know of. I would suggest a visit to your doctor to determine what could be causing the pain.

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