When are test results conclusive and window period



I read your Bio also went to TPAN website and it seems you are very active and productive with in the HIV community. Good work!

I tested at 89 days with a rapid oral fluid test and the results were negitive. I also tested at 123 days rapid oral fluid test with negitive results. Are my results conclusive because I hear about this 6 month and up to 1 year window period? I am confused over the 3 month, 6 month and 1 year window period. Hopfully you can provide me with some guidence. Thanks


Hi there:

Three months is conclusive. If you had a known exposure to HIV, then we would say, three months - and you could do a six month test, just to be safe. Known exposure means that you know for a fact, that you were exposed to the virus. As for the year window period, that is likely outdated information.

I hope this helps.

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