what test to do


Doctor,please help me!I read similar question here but still I'd like to tell You about my case.15 years ago I had a very risky contact.and I never did IFA test since that period.On February of this year I felt myself bad,I couldn't rise from my bed.Analisies showed CMV,Epstein-Barr virus,fungo on the nails,and the feet,white tongue,hairy tongue on the board of the tongue,absence of apetite)The doctor adviced me to do IFA test,it is negative.But I'm worriyng about the fact that I have no antibodies.What test should I do not to worry.I have two children of 12 and 10 y.old.I'm afraid that they are ill,because I remember the fact that my elder daughter had a large linfonode on the neck when she had one month .Im in panic.Please,Doctor, answer my question.Elena,Belarus


Hello Elena from Belarus,

If your potential exposure was 15 years ago and your HIV test is now negative, HIV is not your problem. Your concern about not making anti-HIV antibodies is unwarranted. No additional HIV testing is warranted.

Dr. Bob