Dr Bob, Seven weeks ago I had my first m2m experience. Before we did anything he told he was STD free. We started with me performing oral on him. I put on a condom, I assume it didn't fail-leak, and enetered him for about two minutes but lost my erection and withdrew. He put a condom on and tried to enter me but he couldn't get a an erection. No one ejculated. We washed up and went back to mutual unprotected oral. No one ejaculated. About a week later I started having swollen glands. Now at the six week mark I have had a week of diarrhea and the glands remain swollen. I tested neg at 5 weeks with the oral swab and had a pcr dna test done at seven weeks, results will be in this week. I tested negative for clamydia, but they treated me, neg for gonnorhea but they treated me and at week one put me on ciprofloaxcin for 14 days. I have this persistent swollen gland thing and diarrhea now. Please help with advice or karma. Respectfully, Brent


Hi Brent,

Your HIV risk is negligible. Condom-protected sex is indeed protected, assuming the latex condom was used properly and didn't fail (break). Oral sex carries a very low risk for HIV transmission/acquisition. A negative HIV-antibody test at five weeks is very encouraging, but not definitive. You'd have to wait until the three-month mark for a conclusive result. PCR testing is generally not recommended for routine HIV screening, due to the rate of false positives, other technical concerns and cost. However, your negative PCR at seven weeks corroborates our strong suspicion that you did not contract HIV from your first M2M sex-perience.

I'm not exactly sure why they treated you for both chlamydia and gonorrhea if your only symptom was swollen glands and your STD tests were negative. I also don't know why you were given a course of ciprofloxacin without a diagnosis! You might want to ask your doctor about that. There are many conditions that can cause swollen glands other than HIV. In fact the vast, vast, vast majority of cases of "swollen glands" have absolutely nothing to do with HIV or other STDs. Your doctor should continue to evaluate your swollen-gland problem and you should not be concerned about HIV or STDs! I'm extremely confident your three-month definitive HIV test will be negative. Good-luck karma sent. But I doubt you'll need it!

Dr. Bob