ten years after still worried sick


I Am 35 Yr Old Male Now Married With 2 Little Girls. Before Meeting My Wife 8 Yrs Ago I Lived As A Closeted Bi. Approximately 17 High Risk Unprotected Possible Exposures( Not The Grandma Gave Me A Lap Dance With A Condom On But Her Fart Really Stank Variety). So I've Been Reasonably Concerned Since The Last High Risknite In The Arcade. Well I Spent Years Drinking My Fear Away( Sober 5 Yrs Now). 3 Yrs Ago I Heard 2 Women I Was With Were Poz. So Despite My Wifes Negative Test W Our First Daughter And Another Partners Numerous Tests, I Freaked. I Used To Think This Counted For Me Too. I Know Now. Well Then I Get A Staph Infection Which I Had Twice In 6 Mnths. So I Panic And My Wife And I Get Tested. Bothof Us Tested Negative. This Was Like Five Years Past My Last Possible Exposure. Since The Staph, About 2 Yrs Now, I've Had Swollen Supraclavicular Nodes, Headaches In The Back Of My Head,pain And Swelling In My Spleen( Was Dark Looking On X Ray), Persistant Rash On Upper Arms And Back, Nodesin Groin And Armpit No



The negative test you and your wife took five years after your last potential exposure is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how.

Whatever is causing your symptoms now, it's not HIV!

If you can't stop worrying, go ahead and take another HIV test. It will undoubtedly be negative and the only real reason to take the test is to put your unwarranted fears permanently to rest. If that doesn't quell your anxiety, I'd recommend you get counseling. Remember HIV is not your problem! OK?

Dr. Bob