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  1. Add the Fuzeon powder to the sterile water solution provided. To ensure that the powder dissolves completely into the solution, roll the vial slowly at an angle. It should look like water when it has completely dissolved.
  1. If it's more convenient, while preparing one dose, you can always prepare the "next" dose. This means you can reconstitute two vials at once, using one immediately and refrigerating the second vial (vials can be prepared at most up to 24 hours in advance). However, always make sure the vial is at room temperature before you use it to inject. Some people say that after refrigerating the Fuzeon, it is not only easier to inject it, but there are fewer skin reactions at the spot where they inject.

  2. Try a hot bath or shower just before injecting. This may make your skin more supple and easier to inject into.

  3. Don't be afraid to try other needles besides those supplied to you by the pharmacist. Ask your doctor about insulin or tuberculin syringes. These have slightly smaller needles (in width) that do not automatically retract. Some people find these needles easier to work with.

  4. Be sure to change the place where you inject, so no one spot becomes too tender or develops too severe a reaction. Don't worry if you don't have enough fat under your skin. There is no clear evidence that people with less fat have worse skin reactions.

  5. You can inject in your "love-handles" -- some patients have noted that they have fewer skin reactions to the injections in areas where there is more fat.

  6. Pay attention to the angle of the needle when injecting. If you don't have a lot of fat on your body, pull your skin up a little and make sure you're injecting only into your skin. If you have enough fat under your skin it will be easier. The idea is to avoid muscle injections, which can be painful.

  1. Use a clothespin or clip to pinch the skin in areas of injection that you find hard to reach.

  2. Vigorously massage the area where you are going to inject the Fuzeon for 3-5 minutes both before and after injection, with the emphasis on "vigorous." Use a vibrator as a tool for vigorous massage!

  3. Apply a warm (not hot) towel to the site of injection immediately following injection.

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