Tell Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson HIV Is Not God's Punishment!

Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty patriarch and self-proclaimed crusader for Christ, is at it again. Just weeks after his embarrassing foray into comparative religion and his call for converting all Muslims, Mr. Robertson told Family Research Council's Tony Perkins that sexually transmitted infections are God's punishment for gays.

Tell A+E Networks hate has no place on their airwaves!!

Phil Robertson

Apparently undeterred by the 20% of infections that occur among heterosexual women, or the 17% that occurs among straight men, Robertson stated on Perkins' show this week, "a clean guy -- a disease-free guy and a disease-free woman -- they marry and they keep their sex between the two of them ... [t]hey're not going to get chlamydia, and gonorrhea, and syphilis, and AIDS. It's safe." "Either it's the wildest coincidence ever that horrible diseases follow immoral conduct," he added, "or, it's God saying, 'There's a penalty for that kind of conduct.'"

Last year, Robertson's homophobic comments made during an interview with GQ magazine spurred his temporary suspension from his hit TV show. But after supporters embarked on a massive letter-writing campaign, A+E Networks relented and reinstated him.

Well now he's back at it again! HIV is not a punishment. It does not reflect some moral failing on the part of the infected. It is a disease, plain and simple. And stigmatizing comments like those made by Robertson perpetuate the devastating stigma that continues to surround this HIV with deadly consequences.

Tell A+E that Robertson's hate has no place on their network, or their airwaves! Urge them to live up to their "Celebrate Different" campaign and demand that all those associated with their networks reflect an appreciation and respect for all people, despite race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status.