TEENAGE SEX - should I tell my parents about possible hepatitis?


Dear doctor,

Please help me because I am extremely scared after my first "sexual" experience. I wanted to try "toy-sex" before doing it with my girlfriend so I went to a sexshop and bought a sex-doll. At first I put a finger in it's vagina and realized that it had been used before by someone else(it was wet inside and there was some kind of gel or sperm, I don't know what) so I didn't have sex with it.

I am scared right now that if the previous user had bepatitis b/c I could catch it because I had a 1 day old cut on my finger where the sperm could get in. (I'm also a nail-bitter). I don't know if it was sperm or not or if there was some invisible blood in it. Is it possible to catch hep b/c this way?

I tested 1 week after this incidence but this period is not enought. I had also had hepb vax 7 years ago but my titter now is 50 (and I read that lower than 100 is not enought).

Should tell my parent and get tested? It's very embarassing.

Please help.


What you are describing is a very very low risk experience. I would not give it any more thought. It sounds like what you are suffering from is guilt. It is admirable that you want to tell your parents and I would never say don't tell your parents, they are on your side and have your best interests at heart. I think that you can practice without toys and remember when you eventually do have sex to use condoms! Be careful! DTD