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It's your east coast amigo. In the last 4 months I received blow jobs from three different gals. All were tested for hiv in my presence. All were negative. All three said they hadn't been with anyone sexually in quite a long time, at least three months. Two of those three ladies I trust, the most recent gal not so much. I waited three months from my first two exposures and got tested for hiv. I was negative. My last exposure was only four weeks ago, hence I will get retested in 8 weeks. While at the clinic I decided at the advice of the counselor to get tested for other stds. This included clymidia, gonnerra and syphilis testing. My question is this; if I test positive for an std does that increase the risk that I also was infected with hiv, or does it have nothing to do with it?

The final fact is that the last gal I was with has genital hpv/ warts. Although she has not had an outbreak in years. Be advised I did not have vaginal sex with her, nor did I perform oral. She performed oral twice, both for under 20 seconds. Thanks in advance for Ur advice and wisdom. I am scared.


Hello East Coast Amigo,

Having certain STDs can increase the risk of acquiring HIV. Diseases that cause blisters or sores (herpes, syphilis, etc.) as well as those diseases that recruit white blood cells into the inflamed area (gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.) can increase the likelihood of contracting HIV if exposed to infected bodily fluids.

Genital warts can also act as a portal for entry for HIV; however, that your partner had HPV/warts years ago would not increase your risk of acquiring HIV from a blow job.

Dr. Bob