Should I be taking any medication for shingles?


Hi, Thank you for any help you may provide. I was recently diagnosed as being HIV+. My T-cell count is around 680. I have recently been feeling some itching which led to scabbing on my buttocks. My inner thighs had the same blisters which now have resulted in small red dots and some rash around the scrotum. It has been about 2 weeks or so since the first outbreak. It appears to be shingles from what i am reading. My question is, should someone with a weakened immune system take medication for this. The information I have read indicates that it goes away on its own and you can only take medication if you catch it early. Please tell me your opinion. It does not seem to be going away on its own. Thank you.



Thanks for your post.

It can be pretty difficult to diagnose the cause of rash from the internet. If the rash is on both sides of your body (or scrotum), it's usually not shingles.

Before one talks about medications, the real issue would be to get a definitive diagnosis. So, contact your doctor and have her or him examine your rash. Then we can talk about the appropriate medical treatment.