Could I be taking to many classes of meds?


After failing first class of meds in the late 90s I have kept a non-detectable V load, but recently my doctor despite me having years of perfect blood work added descovy which is a class I once was resistant to. I'm presently taking Prezcobix, Isentress, Intellence, and now Descovy. Would it have been better to just leave me on first 3 drugs since I have long had no VL? Worried about side effects of Descovy with Lithium, and psyc drugs. My doctor has never suggested geno pheno testing for resistance with the new drug Descovy. He did though cure my Hep C with telepivir/interferion 4 years ago. Can't find anything about this on line. If you can answer this or not thank you for reading my question as it might help someone else who questions so many drugs from every class when they had shown no resistance for 13 yrs. before adding a NRTI. Thank you, Paris TX patient.R


Hello and thanks for posting.

It's not clear to me (on the basis of what you've written) why your doctor added Descovy to an already successful and suppressive treatment regimen.

For what it's worth, there aren't any significant drug-drug interactions between Descovy and lithium. (I suggest using ePocrates or tools to verify interactions between HIV medications and other meds, vitamins, or drugs.)

It's not unreasonable to ask, particularly about performing archived resistance testing, should that help in deciphering treatment options in the current era (one can't do conventional resistance testing if your virus is currently suppressed).

By the way, it's an entirely good thing that your doctor cured your HCV infection- accomplishing this is much easier with today's meds than it was with your interferon-containing treatment.

I hope that's helpful, BY