Taking Genvoya every other day.


I live outside the US and cant afford genvoya monthly. How dangerous scientifically speaking would it be to tak Genvoya every other day. I have to pay cash and It is very expensive.

Thankyou Saki


Hello Saki and thanks for posting.

Don't do it. Taking medications other than as directed is generally a really bad idea.

Because suppressing HIV requires certain levels of the antiretroviral drugs in your system, and the therapies' dosing were designed to ensure that these levels are reached with the recommended dosing interval (e.g., once-daily), taking a once-daily medication every other day would almost certainly result in having sub-therapeutic and non-suppressive levels of drug in your blood and other body fluids. The consequence of this, if maintained for some duration of time is that the virus will return to detectable levels and quite possible select for viral mutants that are irreversibly resistant to the medications that you're taking. Perhaps worse yet, resistance to any individual drug can also confer cross-resistance to other drugs in the same family, resulting in multi-drug resistance (a really bad thing).

If you're having difficulty paying for medications, it would be good to discuss this with your provider to explore access options and the possibility of switching to a more affordable, but equally effective regimen.

I hope that's helpful. BY