This is a comment on one of the readers questions asking if you can get hiv by penetrating a woman who has hiv just ONE time when not wearing a condom, in other words not practising safe sex. One time. Yes you can, I did it one time and got it I didnt even come. I didnt ask her about this stuff, I assumed it was ok as there were no seemingly high risk categories, especially not from me, a normal everyday non promiscuous guy. Of course I only found out years later when in a relationship I infected the girl I was with, imagine that scenario, I didnt know I had it. Whenever I look for information on this bloody virus I have to pile through a load of gay stuff and cock sucking and arse fucking or dont share needles. Christ I dont even drink. I did it with a girl and got it, one time. I had no cuts no gashes no blood no spots or whatever else, I was perfectly I mean perfectly healthy and in brilliant shape, I still got it. I am still in mourning for my long gone self. So if you dont want to worry about it, wear a condom.



Thank you for writing in and sharing your story. It's amazing how many heterosexual guys do not believe they are at risk for HIV. Obviously our HIV awareness and prevention programs under the sex-phobic Bush Administration were woefully inadequate. As we turn back toward science and common sense, I look forward to finally getting the HIV message out in a clear, scientifically sound manner. Even though HIV remains 100% incurable, it is 100% preventable.

Good luck. I'm here if you need me. I do hope you'll soon stop "mourning your long gone self" and embrace the new you. You are "virally enhanced," but you are alive and "well" and have gained some valuable insights into life.

Dr. Bob