Should I take both Truvada and Kaletra while on PEP


I was recently put on a PEP regimen of both Truvada and Kaletra, after having had unprotected anal sex with a partner whose status I do not know. I have received conflicting advice as to whether I need to take both. One health care provider told me to disregard the Kaletra and only take the Truvada and another told me I must take both. This is my first night and I have only taken the Truvada. Please advise.


The correct answer is that no one knows for sure. We have one good study on preventing HIV infection after exposure for Health Care providers (needle sticks or blood splashes, etc). That report and studies on prevention of spread of HIV from a mother to her newborn child prove that taking medication can prevent the transmission of the virus. We also know that 3 meds are better than 1 or 2 for TREATING HIV once a person is infected AND 3 drugs are better for preventing HIV transmission from mother to child. That being said, the higher the possible risk (for example if you knew your partner was actually infected) the better the traetment you would want. In New York we give 3 drugs to all possble exposures. If you can tolerate the combo, it is probably best to take both. If not, then taking the truvada alone is next best. The key is to have started something as soon as possible.