Take Life Seriously, but Do Not Forget to Have Fun!

Hello again, and yes it has been a little bit of time. Do you ever wonder why people take life so seriously and never smile or laugh or even joke? For me personally, I used to be that person. Life for me, when I was given my diagnosis, was not fun or happy, and forget cracking a smile. I was a very mean, upset, angry woman, and that would also add to my stress. After having a family of my own and going through some things, I can say life is meant to be enjoyed!!! Yes, I understand there is a time and place for everything, but adjusting your thinking can make all the difference.

If you are having just an awful week -- I mean everything from work, to your family even your dog has a bone to pick with you -- this is when you can just go somewhere, even if it is to the bathroom to shut the door. Go in there, take some cold water and throw it on your face a few times. Then look at yourself in the mirror, make a few goofy faces, laugh and say All right Goofy, let's go handle this.

That is one way I get to put my life or that moment into perspective. If I can laugh at myself and say Hey this is just a bump in the road, then I know I can conquer the rest of the day or week.

In this world and this life we have so many problems to deal with. Why create more by making yourself angry, sad or depressed? Life is not over until it is truly over. Until then, enjoy your family and your work -- okay, and your dog! Have fun! Life is not only too short, it is too precious to focus on things that will not matter in a few months or years. Of course, I have my ups and my downs, but I will not forget how far I have come!

If you are reading this, just think back on your life, where you have come from. That should be more than enough to make you smile. Do not take life so serious and have fun; we only have one chance make it count!!!!

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