A table of safe timing allowance for each HIV drug


Dear Experts.

More and more people with HIV are traveling worldwide these days, everyone has a dilemma when it comes to adjust their meds timing with local time. Each HIV drug has safe timing allowance, before it is considered an overdose or a late dose. Would it be convenient if there was a table of these allowances for each drug displayed in the corresponding section of this site?

It also would be helpful for those who is unable to take their meds to the minute. Like me, I'm on EFV+3TC+d4T, today is the third time in the last month I overslept my morning 3TC+d4T for 1h15m (previous were 1h and 1h30m) and spent the rest of my sunday in a bad mood trying to figure out am I in danger now or not.

Thank you, Alex from Moscow/RU.


Zdravstvuite, Alex!

Thanks for your post from Moscow.

There is no such table on the ability to miss doses as you've described-- though I certainly understand the concern.

In general, I tell my patients (nearly all of whom are successfully suppressed) that a 2-3 hour time window (early or late) is generally acceptable for once- or twice-daily treatment regimens, like yours. If missing of one dose or another becomes problematic, then it's worth a discussion to your doctor or case manager (if one exists, in RF) about how to best modify your habits or medications to improve the adherence.

In your case, I'd not worry about the 1.25 hour delay; sorry that you had to have a day in a bad mood over this. But rest assured that you're not in any danger.

Please write back if I can be of any assistance.

BY (from Denver, Bishkek and Dushanbe)