What a t-cel count means


Recently a family member was just diagnosed HIV+ he has had his t-cell count results and the doctor said they are 371. And that he has been HIV+ for about 2 years. What does this mean as far as his life span and the what does 371 mean as far as his stage. What does he have to do to stay healthy and prevent HIV from turning into Aids???!!! Please help I am vary confused and worried


Thanks for your post.

A CD4 count of 370 indicates that there is probably a modest amount of immune deficiency. (The lowest level of normal is only 350, and "normal" values are usually much higher, about 500-750.)

The thing that your family member needs to do to stay healthy is to learn as much as possible about HIV and his healthcare options. Finding an experienced HIV specialist is important, as is starting on HIV medications, when necessary. Having other family members, like yourself, who take interest in their health is always a positive thing and often correlates with better quality and quantity of life for those who are HIV+.

Your family member may indeed need to start on treatments in the near future, since many doctors will recommend starting on combination medications when CD4 counts drop below 350.

I hope this helps, BY