Systematic Candidiasis


I have had an overgrowth of yeast in my vaginal area for approximately 4 years and now it seems to have spread through my body...I don't have regular really bad yeast infections but my boyfriend has a constant jock itch. (we are both positive). I have had an ongoing battle with perleche or angular chelitis (yeast infection of the mouth)for 2 doctor prescribed a medication to treat my mouth sores BUT its not working!! The sores are getting worse and I'm not sure what to try next..I am currently taking caprylic acid and acidophilus to try and control the yeast in my are these related (mouth and vagina)? This appears to by my only opportunistic infection for now...any more info you have would doctor is appears to be at a loss...


It may be that you and your boyfriend are trading yeast infections back and forth between you. You don't say whether either one of you is taking combination medicine for HIV. If you aren't, that may provide your body with enough of a boost in immunity to control these infections. Your yeast infections haven't really "spread" throughout your body-- it wouldn't be found in your blood or in your organs-- but the mouth and the vagina are both covered with a moist kind of skin that is prone to yeast infections when your immune system is damaged by HIV. Also, if you have oral sex, yeast can be transferred from mouth to genital areas. You don't say what medicine failed to work, but there are a number of drugs to choose from to treat candida (yeast) infections, and you may need a different drug.