Syphilis test pos when on exclusive relationship


I need someone to help me to make sense on this matter desperately. I am on an exclusive relationship since March 2018, I got all my tests done in April and the RPR was 1.2 (I got infected years prior) since then, I had no extra marital sex of any sort with anyone but my partner. I got my labs 3 days ago and that came positive for Syphilis (1.256). My partner swear he had nothing with anyone else, he got tested and he is non reactive and hiv neg, but now his blame on me for cheating. I been trying to get answers at anywhere, my healthy is good and stable, my doctor don't believe in false positive. I am literally going crazy here without an explanation, my doctor reorder another RPR test which I did and still waiting for the result. I took the penicilin shot yesterday. My relationship seems like, is over, he don't answer my calls. He is also a physician and I had serious suspicions that he was the one cheating.

please HELP, Thanks CH


I can only speak to the test results. In general, RPR test results can remain positive for months to years after successful treatment. The titer may change by 2-4 fold up or down. But assuming this was not a testing error, an increase to 256 would not usually be seen unless treatment was not successful or reinfection occurred. I suggest you discuss these results with your doctor.