I was diagnosed with HIV and syphilis. My CD count is 795 and VL 1000. My doctor prescribed Ciploxx 500mg for 10 days. Is this the correct medication to treat syphilis. I am busy taking it but would like to know if I should insist on a more agressive course of action Thanx for valuble info on this site It really helped me to come to terms with being HIV positive


Ciplofloxacin (Cipro, Ciploxx) is NOT a treatment for syphilis.

Penicillin injections are the preferred treatment for syphilis (usually one shot per week for 1 or 3 weeks depending on the stage of syphilis); for those who are allergic to penicillins, alternatives include tetracycline or doxycycline.

You should insist on a proper treatment course.

I hope this is helpful.