i went in massage centre last 3month before .thrn after one month i got red tiny spot in my body some on my shoulder 2 spot on my chest and 2 spot on my stomach.ifell tiredness and my hiar fallen quikly is that symtons of hiv?


During Acute HIV Infection (also called Acute Retroviral Syndrome) most people will have some symptoms. Most common symptoms are: fever (80-90% of people), fatigue and tiredness (70-90%), a rash, red spots on the face, body and/or palms and soles (40-80%), swollen glnds and lymph nodes (40-70%), sore throat (50-70%), muscle and joint aches (50-70%) or diarrhea. As you can see these side effects are not very specific and could also be seen with many other conditions such as the flu or mononucleosis, or allergic reactions, etc.

The best way to find out would be to go and have an HIV test and also have the doctor see the spots and s/he may be able to think of other things to test for as well.