Is this a sympton of any Hepatitis??


3 months ago, a prositute gave me a blowjob with condom on and also a handjob but without a condom. I know that a handjob is rather harmless but the prositute did touch her own vagina with her hands and gave me the handjob(without washing her hands) right after that(during the handjob, her hands did come in close contact with the tip of my penis). Weeks after that incident, I begin to feel nausea all the times and several times did ended up vomitting in the toliet. At first like everyone else, I thought theres something wrong with my stomach and I went to see a Colorectal specialist. The doctor did a endoscopy and found out theres nothing wrong with it. I did not tell my doctor about the prositute incident. Is nausea a sympton of any Hepatitis? If not, what do u think is the causes of it? Pls guide me what to do now as I feel lost and don't know where to seek help.


From what you describe, it is unlikely (but not impossible) that you acquired hepatitis. Symptoms of hepatitis may be absent. When symptoms are present, fatigue and prolonged nausea are common. Hepatitis B is sexually transmitted. See your healthcare provider, get screened for hepatitis B. If you are not immune, then get the HBV vaccine. Avoid putting yourself at risk in the future.