symptoms warrant test


i am hiv negative, but now that i've read about autonomic neuropathy i am sure i am hiv-2 positive. before i went on methodone (and no i wasn't using drugs at that time), i started to sweat from my armpits, constantly but only when awake. i went on methadone because it stopped me from sweating. also i was feeling weak and shaky and it stopped that too. meanwhile i got several hiv tests, all negative, countless blood counts- all normal, and i even went on interferon for four months and cleared virus for good. but now i am getting tired all the time, and i go back in my mind to those days of sweating and weakness and i am certain it is a sign of early hiv-2 infection. my doctors keep telling me i'm healthy, but then why do i feel like this? i also have had trouble urinating (straining) for two years now. i don't know what to do, please tell me. i don't know if i have the strength for another hiv test, though hiv-2 test in this case. and i can't fiind anywhere that'll do it anyway, please help me doc.

i know you said hiv two is "remarkably rare." yet i still have a question, should the following concern me that i have early hiv-2 symptoms: i have been sweating alot, only my armpits (the horror!), and i am extrememly shaky. could be neuropathy or some autonomic immune response... all my blood counts are normal, and all hiv-1 tests negative. and i have been trying to find an hiv-2 test site, and i can't, and my psychiatrist and therapist are telling me to stop getting the tests. i am obsessed!and i get more nervous to the point my whole body is electrified (what the?). does this sound like early hiv-2? thanks...p.s my therapist told me to stop writing you guys, i promise this is the last time!



Sweaty armpits . . . "the horror"????? Hmmm . . . .

I cannot determine from your post why you were given methadone or interferon. Methadone for sweaty pits "only when awake"??? What? Interferon for four months to clear the virus for good??? What virus?

I absolutely agree with your psychiatrist and therapist! HIV (1 or 2) is not your problem. Stop testing. You need to focus on your irrational fears and anxiety. Your problem is psychiatric, not viral. Stop chasing a disease you don't have and focus on your very real and treatable psychiatric problems.

Dr. Bob