Dear Dr bob: i asked you my question exactly 37 times during last four months but i recieved no answer.any way it doesent matter now!! guess what??? i got tested(ELISA)ten days ago and right now i recieved the answer...NEGATIVE!!!!....i had every possible symptom 1-flu like symptoms 2-fever 2-headache 3-diarrhea 4-muscle ache 5-lymph node enlargement at armpit and at posterior cervical and submandibular zones should i name others???!!!! now i understand what you say"symptoms never equal to the desease"...thank god....

here is my last post to you: Dear Dr: i have asked you my question several times but you have not answered me yet.i think it is the 30th time i am asking you for help. i had several unprotecten anal sex with a girl during 20-30 december2005.on 31december i had symptoms like catching cold with no sore throat.on 5jan i had a slight sever (37.5-38 degree)for almost two days and on 7 jan everey thing got fine.few days later i read about acute hiv infection symptoms and i got on 20jan i went to an ENT doctor asking him to check my lymph nodes.he tested my neck and armpit nodes and said there is no lymph node enlargement.but i still was very very nervous about hiv.i also went to different ENT doctors on 25,27 of jan and one on 4feb.they also did not find any lymph node enlargement.except the last one that told me one of my submental nodes is a bit enlarged(about 2mm in size).and he said it is not worrysome.few days later i read somewhere on the net that pesterior cervical lymph node enlargement is one of the most important symptoms of hiv infection.when i massaged the right side of my neck i could feel a pea shape thing.this happened on 9feb.i massaged and squeezed it alot and during 3-4 days it beame bigger.but still it was not detectable without massaging(not detectable by watching).i also feel one palpable submandibular lymph node in each side of my jaw(the bigger one should be 7-8 mm). on 13feb i went to an internal specialist and she said since my neck lymph node is very small it should not be of much concern.she wrote CBC diff,Asot,ESR and CRP test for me. also on 6march i felt pain in my leg(about 10cm above my ankle)when i pushed that part i could feel it has become hard but i could not find any lump.the next day it became very very red.but i came back to normal after one day. my body temperature varies from 36.8 in the mornig,37.2 at noon ,37.5 in the afternoon and it reaches 36.4 at night. i had diarrhea just once during last two months(four weeks ago).

1-do you think these are hiv infection symptoms? i mean do symptoms happen together or they can happen separately? 2-does my body temperature variation mean i have fever during these days? 3-do all lymph nodes enlarge during accute infection or few ones can also enlarge? 4-the problem obout my leg,is it the so called RASH??does the rash in hiv infection last more than one day? by the way i did not talk anything about hiv to any of the doctors i met. so Dr bob PLEASE answer me i have become mad thinking about these symptoms during last two months.i need just briefe answers.....DO YOU THINK I SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT THESE SYMPTOMS??????i hope you answer me this time



Negative?!!? No surprise there. Yes, in fact I did "guess what"!!! Congratulations and WOO-HOO!!!

Your story is very similar to many, many others I've responded to over the years. (Just check the archives and you'll find a gazillion!)

You had a potential exposure (unsafe sex) and then, despite multiple physicians telling you not to worry, that your lymph nodes were fine, etc. you nonetheless became "very, very nervous about HIV." My advice to folks in your situation is always the same:

  1. If you placed yourself at risk for HIV, you should get HIV tested at the three-month mark.

  2. Symptoms do not equal HIV disease.

  3. Use latex condoms each and every time to avoid similar situations in the future.

The reason I did not respond to your 37 previous messages was that I had nothing new to tell you that I have not already stated over and over and over again in the archives. Trying to answer each and every question similar to yours would be physically impossible. Furthermore, if I were to answer each and every question similar to yours, the forum would become boring and I would feel like the "Department of Redundancy Department."

I will, however, now add your story to the archives so there will now be a gazillion-and-one stories for other needlessly worried wrecks to read.

WOO-HOO! Stay well.

Dr. Bob