My symptoms do mean pos!!


I know you can diagnose through emails and not expecting this to beposted, but hope you do read it. I have found some peace in your words of wisdom. I had a one time 20 sec, no protection sex. Laugh if you want, I did. This all happened over a course of 8 weeks til present. Anyway 2 days later a rash showed up on my chest, some night sweats, some sickness to my stomache, trouble swallowing and rash on both forearms and itchy feet. Even got a staphe infection and had red eyes with drainage in mornings. I was on antibiodics at the time and I know they wouldn't interfere with results. I took a test at around 7 or 8 weeks and it came back neg. I know I need another one since I am now pass the 4 months and the first was before 3 months. And since then I have had another rash on chest, smaller and darker in color. Still have a sore throat more around the adams apple area. Had some yellow spots showup under tongue and diferent colored ones inside mouth that come and go. Now my nails have changed colors, with strange small black lines in them. Not expecting this to get answered, but I have been keeping this to myself for to long. Thanks for hearing me out and being there in one mans desperate hour. I am sending a donation, because like Breast Cancer this one has a special place in my heart.



So here you didn't expect an answer and yet, BINGO, you get one! Surprise.

Next, you state, "My symptoms do mean pos." I'm willing to bet when you take your HIV test you'll have another surprise waiting for you! Negative!

Your risk is minimal at best (quick-draw McGraw); your negative test at eight weeks is very encouraging and the odds you are HIV negative are astronomically in your favor. All you need to do is get the test to confirm my very strong suspicions of your negative status. So, get the test and let's yell WOO-HOO together. Deal?

Thanks for your donation! I'll send my best good-luck karma back in return.

Dr. Bob