Symptoms of lymph nodes in primary infection and seroconversion


Dear Bob. Let me tell you you do a real service to the world with what you do. It's incredible and I do hope schools and universities point to your site as a major source of HIV/AIDS reality. It is one thing to have symptoms, but to get into the mindset of the fear that permutates through individuals really gets someone thinking.

My question is fairly simple. I put myself at risk by having unprotected sex with my girlfriend. She is a nice girl and not in any high risk category but I guess hiv does not discriminate (unfortunatly).

I have had just one shotty lymph node under my armpit that appeared aprrox 5 weeks after my exposure. I have not had any other symtoms worth mentioning except headache from the stress of thinking about this.

I have been reading that that enlarged lymph nodes appear due to the bod fighting off the virus during primary infection and subsequently. Are the development of just one shotty node indicative of anything HIV related ?

After much stressing I asked my girlfriend to get tested and her blood work should come back soon (egads!!).

I will get tested regardless after as well (she is my first).

I appreciate it sir and will donate on behalf of goodwill and the fine work you do. Thank you.



Thanks for your kind comments. Well, some schools may recommend my forum, but I'm sure some others would try to put a block on it and anything with a whiff of sex in it. So I'll leave it in your capable hands to spread the word, OK?

Regarding your question, true, HIV does not discriminate! HIV testing is warranted if you placed yourself at risk symptoms or no symptoms.

As for HIV-related enlarged lymph nodes, they are usually generalized and not limited to one small node in the armpit. Overall your HIV risk is extremely low. Remember to only play safe in the future. That way you'll avoid future bouts of worry, OK?

Thanks for your donation!

I'm sending both you and your girlfriend my best good-luck karma, OK?

Good luck. Stay well.

Dr. Bob