Symptoms - Is a HIV RNA test advised?


About mid February, I noticed was slight swelling of the glands in the upper part of the neck. The glands continue to be slightly swollen. About mid March, my tongue was slightly swollen too. The symptoms of a swollen tongue are that the teeth ridges are imprinted on the tongue. It makes the tongue looked indented where the tongue touches the teeth. In May, my armpits had a tingly and slightly painful feeling. The painful feeling would come and go. Now, in July, the stingy painful feeling is mostly present. The arm pits seem a little puffy.

The doctors suggested a HIV test July 1 which was negative.

What concerns me is that I might have HIV, because sometimes it takes a number of months before a positive results appears.

  1. Are my symptoms compatible with an HIV infection?
  2. If they are compatible with an HIV infection, is it possible still to have a negative HIV test.
  3. Is a HIV RNA test advised?
  4. Who gives HIV RNA tests in Seattle area?

It makes me nervous when my tongue, neck glands, and arm pits all have symptoms.

Thanks for you help,



You dont' say when the exposure was. But if it was in Feb, then a negative test in July is pretty good in ruling out HIv infection. I am not sure an RNA test is warranted, but the folks at Harborview or the U of W could get you a test.Your symptoms are nonspecific for HIV infection. MH