Symptoms and HIV


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I had one night casual encounter on May 18 08 with a male. I am 34 years old bi male and had anal intercourse with another men , Condom was used but torn halfway but i never realized till i pulled my penis out.

A week after I started to have following symptoms:

Mild Pain in left groin area lasted three days and went away and little itchiness on face during night when i sleep and razor irritaion sometime during the day in the area where I shave. Temprature fluctuates betwen 36.4- 37.2 C lasted on and off almost 4 weeks did not have temp for last one week.

Lost 8 Lbs weight from 170-162 lbs in first 4 weeks alone but maintaining 162 LBS for last three weeks in fact gained 1/2 lbs.

Eating good or have good apetite for last 3 weeks now.

Minor redness in throat for last 4 weeks but getting better now.

A severe anxiety ever since it happened.

People at work complimenting me that I lost some weight and looking good but As far as My weight thing is concerned I was on a healthy diet for last 3 months and I never checked it till after i had these symptoms I did feel around april that I lost a little weight.

Guy I hooked up with got tested 11 days after we had sex and his all STD's including HIV came negetive and claims he is monigamous and have BF but told me he has symptms of HSV2 which he gave to his partner and wanedring if I gave HSV it to him. At this point its difficult if I gave him as may be I had it but never knew about this.

I went for tests as well on June 1,08 and I came negetive for all STI's including HIV.

I went in third week to see teh doctor and asked her if I have herpes they told me they cant check I dont have any visible lesion but later in third week I had blisters on my left scortum and has razor cut around anus and i went to the doctor and i have come positive for HSV2.

My questio is to know that It has been almost 7 weeks although I have my apetite back in forth week and maintained weight 162 lbs for last four weeks and have very little redness in my thorat and sever anxiety . What do you think my chances of contracting HIV? Other guy send me his copy of HIV report so that I trust him. I am on Valtrex for two weeks now. We both will be going for retest in september to be sure. But I am scared as hell cant sleep , cant concentrate at work need your Guidence at this difficult time sir. Please help me also please write back to me I would definately like to donate $50 to your organization helping millions of people worldwide. Sir You are doing a great job in helping people. My Regards again....Joe



I answered your question last week (see below). Did you really think I would change my opinion and assessment within one week?

In addition to the recommendations I've already made, I would add that you should seek treatment for your "severe anxiety." I'm confident you'll find counseling and/or anti-anxiety medication far more helpful than resubmitting the same question over and over to me.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Am I infected?m Jul 6, 2008

Dr. Robert: Thanks for taking up my question sir. I am 34 yr old male and had anal sex with male 6 weeks ago. I used condom but it broke during intercourse and i never realized till in ejcualte and pulled out found condom was broken. They guy also had very small drip of blood off his ass when I asked him he told me that its due to anema. anyway I cleaned up and he left. After a week he wrote to me he has symptoms of STD including HIV. a day later he wrote to me he has symptoms of genital herpes a internal rectal form of herpes and he thinks i gave him. Please note that this guy claims he has been monogamouus till he met me for one night stand and never had unsafe sex before. Well, I had no symptoms at this point but after a week my symptoms were pain in left groin area, some funny feeling in lower abdomen and sore legs, malaise and anxiety. I kept telling him i have no blisters therefore i do nt know if I have herepes for sure.three weeks later I had blisters on my scrotum. Well I dont know if he gave me herpes or I had it and did not know about it. In 3rd week I felt that I lost some weight and i was right I lost about 8 lbs in three weeks from 170 lbs to 162 lbs and maintaining 162 lbs for last three weeks.I went for STD and HIV test in second week after this encounter all came negetive and so is the other guy his HIV and other test came negetive. Only thing we both had herpes HSV2. Now I have sore throat for three weeks but no diffuculty in swelling and also I had temprature in first three weeks varies between 36.7-37.4 C. I still feel feverish but when i check my temprature its normal, I have malaise and lot of anxiety. I have been eating god for last 10 days now I am in 6th week and for last 10 days I have god apetite and gained 1 Lbs. But why i still have sore throat on and off and sore lower legs and malaise. I m scared.I will go for the folow up test in 3 months just to be sure but I m so stressed i cant even sleep and have no one to talk to. I have always played safe and play very occasional but this time I dont know what happened. I am worried please let me know what you think abbout the symptoms and I am Valtrex right now on supressive therepy. Other guys tests came negetive as well. Do I still have to worry about contarcting HIV? If I have these symptoms what do you think it could be Herpes or some other viral infection.?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Condom failure does put you at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV, particularly if your bottom guy was having rectal bleeding. Luckily you have both tested HIV negative at two weeks. Consequently, your risk of acquiring HIV is remote and limited to the very unlikely possibility that your buddy was within the "window" period.

Herpes is much easier to transmit or acquire than HIV. In your situation it would be difficult to know exactly who gave it to whom. However, considering your buddy developed symptoms before you, it seems intuitive he passed the infection on to you.

Your other "symptoms" are not at all worrisome and most likely are related to HSV-2 or anxiety.

I see no reason for you to be excessively worried about HIV, based on the above information. I agree a three-month test is warranted. However, please note the odds are now astronomically in your favor that you did not contract HIV.

Finally, I was curious about your comment, "I have been eating god for last 10 days . . . ." but perhaps we'll save that for another time.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob