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Dr. Frascino,

Many thanks for reading my post, Anal - Oral sex by sex worker. ELISA test negative 84 days (standard 90 days). Symptom start develope on 87 days like red rash that come and go, tongsil in deep red and pain and headche( pain at the back of my head and front at my neck). Should i go for another test again ??

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Anal-oral (rimming) is not considered a significant risk for HIV transmission/acquisition. However, other STDs can be transmitted or acquired via rimming or getting rimmed. You can read more about this in the archives.

Symptoms that begin 87 days after a potential exposure would not be related acute HIV infection. The symptoms associated with HIV acute retroviral syndrome generally manifest two to three weeks after primary infection (not three months!). I would consider your negative 84-day HIV-antibody test definitive. Additional HIV testing, although always readily available, is not warranted in this situation. See your general medical doctor if your symptoms persist. But remember, the cause is not HIV.

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