Swollen neck lymph nodes


Hi. I have a question. I have had 2 swollen lymph nodes on my left side of the neck for a few month now. They are painless and one of them is larger than the other (the one on the side of the neck is about the size of a small bean and the other one on the back of the neck is smaller, one of them is fixed in place and the other one is rolling around) I've also had what appears to be a lymph node under my right side of the jaw for over a year now, went and got checked out by a cancer specialist and got a CAT scan. the doctor told me that there was no point to biopsy it because it is less than 1 cm. could it be early symptoms of HIV? I've had unprotected sex (went down on a girl) 3 years ago but I dont even think any vaginal fluids were involved. I've also had some sore throat and been coughing lately (I smoke cigarettes and marijuanna alot) I am 21 years old, I've actually gained quite a few pounds lately. What are ny chances of being infected with HIV?


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