swollen lymph nodes and HIV


Hi just a query . I have recently tested HIV positive but have also had swollen lymph nodes in my groin armpits neck (front and back) for about 4 years and currently have around 20 swollen nodes. I am just wondering if this is normal with HIV infection ? The nodes are generally painless but can become tender in the groin when walking and also are quite large. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.



Sorry to hear about your recent HIV-positive diagnosis. Adenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) occurs in approximately 75% of folks who have primary HIV infection. It's generalized and not painful in most cases. Feel free to discuss this topic further with your HIV specialist at the time of your next visit. Also I suggest you spend some time perusing the wealth of information on this site and its related links. A good place to start is on The Body's homepage under the Quick Links heading. There you will find a whole chapter titled "Just Diagnosed."

Good luck.

Dr. Bob