swollen lymph nodes in armpit , neck, chest area.


Hello, about 5 months ago the lymph nodes from my ear down my neck have swollen and gone back down a few different times and I didnt' think much about it. However about 2 months ago I notice the lymph nodes in my armpit, on the same side as my neck swelling. They are painful when pressed. As well, its hard to describe but it feels as if the same kind of swelling and discomfort is in the breast area, again on the same side. It seems to radiate from the chest wall through to my shoulder blade and even an ache that radiates down my arm. All of this on the left side.
A few months ago I was experiencing a lot of soaking night sweats but seem to have subsided lately. I am tired all the time and almost daily experience edema of my hands and feet. One other symptom is a feeling of being feverish a lot. I haven't taken my temperature but my husband has often commented on how warm I feel. I had blood tests that revealed normal blood counts. Do you have any idea what these symptoms indicate and are there other tests I should have? Oh yes, I am also waiting to have CT scan and that should be in about 6 weeks. I thank you so much for any information you have. I have been very worried and sometimes the more I research, the more confused I get.


Lymph node swelling can be due to a large number of disease processes, including a range of infections and cancer (lymphoma). In addition to a scan there are a number of blood tests (called "serologies") for various types of infections commonly associated with node swelling, including a test for HIV. If none of these tests are definitive, you may need to have a lymph node biopsy to figure out what's going on.