Hi, Im a 19 yr old male and I have a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. I had walking pneumonia in the beginning of the semester and thats where I first noticed it. I went to the doctor and received medication but about 2 months later I still have that swollen lymph node. Is it possible that the infection never left my body completely? The node has stayed the same size and does not hurt to touch and is mobile.


Hello there Some people can have swollen lymph nodes that are benign and not related to any illness. However, if this is new and only on one side i would have a dr look at it to make sure it doesn't need to be biopsied (have a sample of it take and looked at under a microscope) to make sure it isn't another infection or anything else. Since it has been >2 months I would definitely have a dr examine you at this point. Take care Dr W