Swollen legs, rash, question HIV


Went to cancer dr today and he palpated but was unable to locate any remarkable lymph nodes. I am going for a 6-month Elisa tomorrow and Now I am getting really scared. All of my CDC bloodwork was normal except for a protein and albumin. He will do (possible biopsy) in a few weeks...... Meanwhile I read that hiv can present with nephrotic -- renal symptoms -- and I have swollen legs and they hurt and there is a rash. What do you think is going on? Time to plan my funeral??????????????


Hardly time to plan your funeral. Obviously the most important thing for you to find out is whether or not you are HIV positive. Nothing in your note suggests to me that you have nephrotic symptoms; I'm not sure why you jumped to that conclusion based on the info you gave me. There are many causes of swollen legs, most of which are NOT kidney disease. You talk about possible biopsy -- biopsy of what??? Are you referring to a lymph node biopsy? a kidney biopsy? a bone marrow biopsy? First get the results of your HIV test, and then follow-up with your health care provider.