Swollen Glands/Rash due to Hepatitis or HIV?


Doc this is the second time I'm asking this.Please help me.

On 28th Jan 2000 I had sex with an escort service girl in USA.I am a virgin male and on that day I used a condom and she gave me oral sex (max 35-40 secs) and then got on top (max 1min) before I came.As I was taking off the condom I noticed i had hardly ejaculated.Can this whole thing which lasted less than 2 min put me at risk if she was +?

On the 7th Feb I had Jaundice (turned yellow) with Billirubin 18.I also developed a rash-something like prickly heat all over the body-very itchy and when scratched it gave way to whitish skin crusts which gradually peels off.So I have this whitish broken skin patches all over-even the penis-though very less there..

My Ultrasound on 10th showed some nodes in the porta and peripancreatic region the largest being 18*29 mm.Second ultrasound on 16th showed nodes were not there.I have a slight pain under my armpits and occasional muscular pain near my biceps and calf muscle.

Could this rash and swollen nodes and muscular pain be due to HIV or can Hepatitis cause the same.I got tested for HIV antibody on 18th and was negative.

Please help.I'll die of anxiety!


A negative HIV test 2 weeks after exposure is too soon to know if your are really HIV- or not. You will need to be retested at 2-3 months afterwards, and at 6 months to be 100% certain. Hepatitis B may cause many of the same symptoms, and you should be tested for that as well.