Dr. Frascino- I was diagnosed over 14 months ago-and a few months after got this lump on the lower part of the back of my head (to the right of the occiputal). Anyway my docs said it was just a swollen gland. However; this would get big and then go down causing me extreme headaches and pain in that area. Is this normal? They do not seem too concerned about it, but sometimes the pain is unbearable.



No, unbearable pain from a swollen occipital lymph node is not normal! This may not be HIV related. Occipital nodes can swell due to other reasons, such as scalp infections. If it flares up again, see your doctor while it's still swollen and painful and impress upon him the level of your discomfort. Ask for a referral for a second opinion if he continues to dismiss your concerns.

Dr. Bob