I have been on truvada and use tress for the past 3 years with undetectable viral loads. My doctor recently convinced me to switch to truvada and tivacay. I don't like the way tivacay makes me feel. Is it possible to switch back to my old regimen without any problems?


Hello and thanks for posting.

One quick thought- if you're not already, try taking your Tivicay on an empty stomach. Food increases the absorption of Tivicay by ~20%, and if you're the rare person who's experiencing side effects, this might help.

OK, that said, yes, you can readily switch back to the twice-daily Isentress without problems. Indeed, a large clinical trial, called ACTG 5257 compared Isentress twice-daily to two different (and excellent) once-daily boosted PIs, and the Isentress regimen turned out to be superior- despite being twice daily. So, if twice a day wasn't a problem for you, there's no need to worry about the Isentress. Indeed, for people already taking a twice-daily medication, it could be a very reasonable, and well tolerated option.

Hope that helps, BY