Switch from original to generic ARV


Dear Ben,

Deeply sorry to disturb u again but I will be switching from original Truvada + Isentress combination to Ricovir (Mylan) + Isentress. This will cut my cost effectively by 500%

I would like to seek yr advise on the use of Ricovir as compared to Tenvir which I earlier plan to use. However the supplier has run out of supply for Tenvir and so advise me to take Ricovir instead. Meanwhile as for Isentress, I will switch to using the one manufactured from Australia but packed in India instead of manufactured from Singapore and packed in Australia. Any difference to this ?

Appreciate your feedback on this. I am just worried if these generic medicines will have severe side effects on me as I was an AIDS patient before with low CD4 and KS.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Generic HIV medications are usually exactly the same as their name-brand cousins. As for the brand-name Isentress, the country of manufacturer (or packing) should have no impact whatsoever on the quality or side effect profile.

Do let us know how the transition goes for you- I'm certain that many of our readers would be interested in knowing.

Be well, BY