Surgical Response to Sinusitis


My companion has been HIV+ for a little over five years and on a cocktail for the past four years. At present his viral load is undetectable and his CD4 count is over 1,000. He is in good health, but has had occasional bouts of sinusitis each spring (when pollution peaks here in Mexico City), including two particularly unpleasant episodes, the first four years ago and the latest this year, which led to an ear infection. I have consulted a specialist in such matters (with no expertise in HIV) who indicates that the sinuses are fine (no need for scraping or other invasive procedures) but he strongly favors an operation to correct a severely deviated septum while others have suggested that such a procedure implies risks that dont justify the potential benefits especially considering that my companion also has a benign tumor on his thyroid that may require surgery in the coming months. He has asked me to inquire: What would you generally suggest with regard to the risk/benefits of the surgery for the deviated septum? I want to thank you in advance for any suggestion you may have to offer, and to applaud the very important contribution you are making to so many peoples well being.


While I am not a surgeon and therefore have a different perspective on things, I do not think that surgery for a deviated septum will correct a propensity to developing severe sinusitis.