Supervisor disclosed my hiv status to co-workers.


I work for a very large company. I was diagnoised with HIV about 3 years ago. At that time I took FMLA and my I told my supervisor and HR of my HIV conditon. She was told by HR that she can't disclose this information to anyone. This month I found out that she has told my co-workers that I have AIDS! I have been on FMLA since I found out, I'm so severly depressed I don't know what to do. I have talked to a couple attorneys and because of the Size of the company I work for they don't seem to want to help me. HR has investigated my complaint and they said the investigation was inconclusive. There is NO other way for anyone I work with to Know I have HIV if my Manager hadn't told them... WHAT DO I DO... I NEED HELP... I have been suicidal over this and I'm having a very hard time! Please help


Depression is anger turned inward, and this seems to be a great reason for anger. If your own HR department is unresponsive, then document everything you can (did you put your diagnosis in writing on your FMLA application? Obtain a copy of that.) and take your concern to your local EEOC. Their number is in the government listing of your phone book.

The size of your company--large--would in most cases be an inducement to a lawyer, not a discouraging factor, so something's wrong. Discuss it with an EEOC counselor. After one contact from the EEOC office, most HR departments sit up and take notice.