Superficial cubital nodes


Dr., first let me thank you for the support and answers you provide us - it really helps people's lives and is wonderful.

I am very confused regarding swollen lymph nodes. Where are the Superficial cubital or supratroclear lymph nodes located. I hear its above the bend of the elbow - but does that mean the triceps side of the arm or the biceps side of the arm? Also, are there lymph nodes located behind the knees (i.e. on the hamstring side), and if so, on the outer part or inner part behind the knees? Can both these nodes (i.e. behind the knees and behind the elbow become swollen as a symptom of hiv - is it common?)? Finally, does swollen glands mean swollen nodes or just a generalized swelling of the area?

I pray for an answer from you. Thank you so much.



Epitrochlear nodes are above the 'bump' in the bone at the top of the elbow and are on the medial side (side closest to the trunk); antecubital nodes are in the inner bend of the elbow. Swollen lymph nodes means the actual node(s) is enlarged, not the general area.