Stripper Spit on Head of Penis = HIV Worry


Hi Dr. Bob,

First of all, I want to thank you so very much for all that you do for people. You truly are a saint.

I know the risk is exteremely low ... but I want to hear (see) any level of reassurance.

About two weeks ago, I was messing around with a stripper, and in the middle of the dry humping, she decided to pull out my penis and spit directly on the head (right on the opening.) I immediately attempted to wipe it off and asked her for a condom. She then put one on me and I finished about 5 min later. I went to the bath room to clean up, urinated (about 10 min later)and washed my hands and penis off with some waterless sanitizer (its all that they had at the club).

I've seen various numbers thrown around the internet for insertive oral - from 1:20000 to 1:500! I never put my unprotected penis in her mouth, she just spit on the tip. It was dark, so, I couldn't tell if there was any blood, but it didn't seem like much spit to begin with -- less than a tablespoon for sure.

This has been my only digression in my life ... and I'm freaking out. Do you think I need to get tested for HIV? I did ask the stripper if she was clean, and she assured me that she takes care of herself and is a licenced private nurse during the day. Apparently, stripping is much more lucrative (how sad!!) Still, I worry.

Again .. I know the odds are astronomical .. but my left brain just can't seem to win on this one!! :(

Take care, WorriedGuy


Hello, Worried Guy,

You cannot contract HIV form a dry humping stripper, even one who drenches your tallywhacker with gobs of spit, OK?

Dr. Bob