STRIP lady and HIV infection


Hello Dr. Frascino

I am 28 years god fearing straight forward guy, who never had been to any strip bar before last week. Under one of my friends influence I went to strip bar. There every lady used to come ask for lap dance first three four I could resist but after that bcos of excitation I thought I should have lap dance. Before doing that lady talked with me and while talking with her as two three small droplets of her saliva were sprinkled on my face possibly is in my mouth too. While dancing bcos of excitation I got ejaculation and my pants become wet. I do not remember weather she sat on wet part of my pants. Her genitals were too close to my face but never directly touched to me. But she did sit naked on my pant. While she touched her breasts on my chicks as well as kissed me on chicks twice. I never had intercourse or any other type of sex with any of the females on that day as well as in the past. Under that excitement I did masturbation after coming home. Now I am feeling very bad about whatever happened that day. Sir I am thinking of getting married after 6-7 months. I do not want any trouble in my family life. Can you please let me know under above circumstances is there any chance of getting HIV infection? What is the window period under which we can not detect HIV and what is the maximum period after which HIV must get detected upon tests? Last three days it is like hell for me. I am not able to concentrate on my work. All the time I am getting fear of same. Please help me out in this. Do I need to do any tests?

I will be very thankful to for the same.


P.S.: I never thought I will ask even such questions in my life anytimehow sad and worst of me??? :( :( :( :(


Hello Query,

Whether you're God-fearing, God-loving or ungodly and whether you're straight as a lawn dart or gay as the Christmas windows at Macy's, your HIV-acquisition risk from your Bouncing Bertha at the Badda Bing is nonexistent. HIV testing is not warranted. If it were, the window period would be three months. You can (and definitely should!) read more about HIV transmission and HIV testing in the archives.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob