Strip Club Risk and ARS Symptoms


Hi Dr. Frascino;

My risk is from a Strip club I visited 3 months ago. Please help me . Below are my risks

Risk1) Lap dance the girl was fully nude and I was wairing a thin adidas swett pants (polyster) and a silk boxer shots (very thin) and ejakulated under my cloths, she was rubbing vegina over my penis for around 10 min (Penis inside cloths up position parellel to stomach).

Risk2) Second Lap Dance after 1 hour with another girl, She had pantis and rubbing went for 5 min. I had fluid inside my pants from first l lap dance

Risk3) 3rd Lap dance ( 3rd girl) for around 8 min ( 5 min she had her thong for 5 mim and 3 min complete nude. rubbing her vegina over my penis. and ejakulated for second time inside my cloths

Risk4) Possibility of stripper's finger touching my eye with veginal fluid in finger. This is from a stage dancer she put her finger inside the vegina then broght her brest to my face holding it with her hand.

got out of the strip club around 12.00 amd went home and slept sitting in a chair till 3.00 AM then got up took shower and slept again

I had the below symptoms: Next day feaver, redness on eyes after 3 days and puss.Then I started thinking of HIV and went on to heavy stress

Day 21 and 22 fever at night and night swetts, 20-30 black dots appeard on my body (face, neck, leg, back side) after this. ( I still have them after 58 days). I also had all symptoms of ARS.

I got an antibody ( Uni-gold rapid test (3rd generation, Antibody test) done on 12.2 weeks -ve

Ora quick Oral antibody test at day 89 -ve. I am planning to repete the test next week once i cross the 13 th week mark.

I am going thru deep stress and becase of possible HIV exposure, not able to concentrate on any thing in life. Lost job because not able to perform after the strip club experiance.

Please let me know the Black dots are ARS rashes ( Flat Black dots) do they last over 58 days.

When do I can have a conclusive test, Should the rapid test are relaible or do i need to take a convetional blood test.

I will suarly make a donation to Robert J. Frascino foundation.

I am a married person with small kids and got into trouble after few driks.

I did not insert into the vegina or kidded the girls

Thank you .. Giri


Hello Giri,

Your HIV-acquisition risk from the three lap dances and stage striper are essentially nonexistent.

Your negative HIV-antibody test at 12.2 weeks and negative OraQuick oral test at day 89 are conclusive and definitive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No further HIV tests are warranted.

The "black dots" you describe are not consistent with HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). Unfortunately I cannot diagnose rashes over the Internet. However, I can tell you it's not HIV related, based on your HIV-antibody test results. See a dermatologist if your rash is persistent.

Thank you for your donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (

Regarding your "deep stress," I suggest leveling with your wife. It's not only the best way to deal with your guilt and stress; it's also the right thing to do.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob