Stressing Out - Rash behind knees now


PLEASE RESPOND AS I AM STRESSING OUT. I am a heterosexual male, married, two children. My wife and I seldom ever have sex (I'm talking 4 or 5 times a year). Sometime this past summer (June, July, or August) I was in an adult arcade and gave into temptation. I used a "jolly hole" and received unprotected oral sex from the person on the other end (presumable a male, presumably a high risk individual). In September, I got a really bad rash on both arms (inside elbows). Very itchy. That lasted a couple of months. Then I got itchy bumps on the palms of my hands and some on my feet. I confided in my GP. He didn't think I had contracted any stds but ran blood tests. This was in December. All came back negative. In late December, I had an itchy bump (looked like a pimple) behind one knee. Now I have a bad rash behind both knees. Very itchy, hard, rough, raised skin. It's like there is fluid or something swollen underneath the skin. The itch is unbearable. This rash is like what I had on my arms back in September. I have an appointment tomorrow again with my GP. I'd like to get tested again for syphilis and hiv. QUESTION #1: Does this sound like it could be one of those even though I tested negative in December? QUESTION #2: Should I see another type of doctor in addition to or other than my GP? (I did go to a dermatologist when my doc initially thought it was contact dermatitis. I did not make the link at the time that it could be an std so she was not informed of my concern. She did a culture on part of the bacteria detected.) QUESTION #3: If tests again come back negative for syphilis and hiv, what else should i be tested for? (any other type of std or other disease that I could get from receiving oral sex from a high risk male?) Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I made a bad mistake and let a sexual impulse cloud my better judgment.


Hi there,

Your symptoms are not HIV-related. Receptive oral sex is a low-risk activity. Your test in December cleared you of any STD's from the incident.

Since this is skin-based, it sounds like a Dermatologist might be your best bet. Again, this is not related to any STD that I know of.

In health,