stressful hand shake.,.,please helppp.,


i was in th meeting this morning with several Arab people.,after the meeting i hand shake with each and everyone of them.,but all of a sudden my nose got itchy so i inserted my small finger inside my nose,.after that i realized that the hands that i used was the hands i use to shake hands with them.,

Now my question is:

  1. If the finger that i put inside the nose is with the Blood of possible HIV+ from other people would i need to be worry for possible transmital of HIV?

  2. Can sweat from hands transmit HIV if my hands are sweaty or with possible cut or flacky hands?

Please help me Dr. Bob.,im being paranoid about HIV already.,



Your HIV-acquisition risk is essentially nonexistent. By the way, sweat does not transmit HIV!

I'd recommend you keep your fingers out of your nose. Not only is it a distasteful habit, but I can assure you no one will want to shake your hand if it's covered with boogers.

Dr. Bob